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Here’s an interesting puzzle! I was sent this picture earlier today by Pat Fader of St Albert Public Library in Alberta, Canada. No-one knows what caused the damage (a microwave has been ruled out) and Pat wondered if I’d run into anything like this before. I haven’t, but maybe someone out there has?


  1. Latest update from Canada’s 3M office is that this phenomenon has also been seen in Vancouver – where bed bugs were a problem. Apparently books were microwaved it rid them of the pests.

    Clearly microwaving metal is a very bad idea. Perhaps libraries need to remind patrons not to place items in a microwave?

  2. Really? We need to tell people not to put things, other than food, in a microwave? Don’t the microwave manufacturers do that…on every microwave oven? Do we need to tell them not to put books in a clothes dryer, too? Hmmm, maybe that is what happened to this book? You said a microwave was ruled out, and my dryer had a rack you could put in it for drying sneakers – maybe they used the sneaker rack for the book?

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