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J.E. Skip Driessen, the RFID Portfolio Manager for 3M’s Track & Trace Solutions Department in St Paul MN posted the following message on the US RFID list overnight (UK time):

“In response to the inquiries and comments posted today, Mick Fortune is completely correct!  

3M will be putting out a formal announcement shortly, but in summary,3M is  committed to leading the development for a version 3.0 release of the 3M Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP). This effort will provide the necessary protocol to meet library needs for interoperability between self-service library devices and software applications with the ILS systems to support patron self service functionality.    3M will be inviting the vendor community and libraries to provide input for version 3.0.  The version 3.0 protocol is intended to address the needs that are currently being met with extensions, and other needs not currently supported by the SIP 2.0 protocol.  

We look forward to participation and support from all vested parties in making this a reality.”

The UK working party on interoperability – of which 3M are a member – will be providing feedback on their progress with web service development to the SIP 3.0 project. There is of course no reason why SIP 3.0 and new web services should be in conflict – they could even be the same thing.

The UK group understands the need to ensure that the work we do on building new protocols protects everyone – worldwide – that has already invested in SIP (and that’s a lot of libraries!). The group decided at its first meeting that support for existing SIP version 2.0 is a minimum requirement.

We look forward to sharing our ideas and developments with 3M – and vice versa.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Mick I’ve been looking out for this all week 🙂

    This is great to see from 3M…

    Reading the press release it appears that SIP3 will continue to focus on patron self service and so I don’t think it will fully meet the needs of the emerging RFID use cases we are discussing – some of which are for back office functionality rather than patron facing circulation behaviour. But maybe this is out of scope for SIP(x) and I do appreciate it appeals to a global audience and does not need to support requirements which are currently emerging in the UK… but still, great to see…

    I agree that there should be no conflict between SIP3 and the new web services initiatives, in fact I expect we will see input from the UK working party feed into SIP3 feature requirements in the short term.

    Looking forward to seeing the formal announcement from 3M in the near future..

    Best wishes,

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