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3M announced the publication of their SIP 3.0 protocol this afternoon. The document is published in two parts. Part One may be downloaded here with part two here.

The protocol brings both new order and new functionality to self-service circulation and addresses many of the issues caused by SIP’s previous dependence on the often unstructured ‘extensions’ used by many third parties in communication between management systems (ILS or LMS) and third party applications.

3M chose to focus exclusively on circulation when designing SIP 3.0 – which may prove to be an opportunity missed as far as RFID is concerned. BIC’s  protocol published in 2011 has been designed to accommodate a much broader range of interactions with both management systems (ILS/LMS) and other third party applications, and as RFID develops its capabilities far beyond circulation librarians might see SIP 3.0 as being too limited in its thinking.

With ISO 28560 beginning to gain traction in the USA, Australia and the UK it is disappointing to note that SIP 3.0 has largely ignored the potential that this new data standard offers to RFID users.

The market will no doubt decide whether 3M’s domination of  global library RFID will continue.


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